Top Facts You Must Know About Termite Tenting

Consider termite tenting when looking for the best way to control termites on a large scale. At Elite1 Termite Control, we provide excellent termite inspection and control services for residences and businesses in Los Angeles County. We have fully licensed and professional technicians who will execute a perfect job at controlling termites and pests in your home.

Top Facts About Termite Tenting You Must Know

1. Doing It Yourself Is Dangerous

Termite tenting is not something you can attempt to do yourself because of several reasons. It involves covering the area with a tent and pumping fumigants into that tent. These fumigants are harmful to humans, pets, and plants. Therefore, only trained technicians can use this technique since they know all the safety measures.

2. It Can Only Work on Active Termites

While termite tenting can be considered an effective way of controlling termite infestations in the home, it cannot guarantee safety from future termite infestations. Hence, you still have to try to avert termites from infesting your property in the future. You can also ask a professional technician for regular termite inspection.

3. The Process Can Take Time

Determining the exact time required to finish termite tenting can be challenging as it involves an extensive process. Most times, the process can take up to 24 hours to 3 days, depending on several factors. During this period, you won’t be allowed to linger around the house until the termite control technician tells you when it is safe.

4. The Cost of Termite Tenting Varies

Several factors can influence the cost of termite tenting your home. For instance, treating a big house is more expensive than a smaller one. Also, termite tenting for commercial properties is more expensive than residential ones. Other factors that can affect the cost include the severity of the termite infestation and the termite control service provider.

Professional Termite Control Service Near Me

Unlike other pests, termites can be very difficult to control in the home once they have established a colony. This is why you need to go for termite tenting, which is the most effective way to control termite invasion into your home on a large scale. At Elite1 Termite Control, we have licensed and insured technicians who can help with solutions to the threat of termites in your home.

With over 30 years of experience, we remain your best choice for borate treatment, termite control, soil treatment, and foam treatment in your home and commercial areas. Contact us today to enjoy top-notch termite control services.

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