The Trouble of Termites – Prevention and Treatment

Never make the mistake of going by their small size. Termites are insects that can make you lose your sleep for several nights. Also known as “wood ants” or “ white ants”, these pesky insects are famous for the damage they cause worldwide. Billions of dollars are wasted due to the huge structural damage caused by them. 

Termites are not known to carry any disease or do not cause any fatal wounds to human beings. But the damage done by them to houses and buildings is equally devastating. Termites can digest cellulose easily, thereby destroying wooden products. This is why it is important to take necessary precautions against them. In case they have already infested a place, suitable termite control measures must be taken quickly. 

How to detect their presence? 

Before you take any step against your enemy, you must have proper knowledge about them. This principle applies in this case. The steps mentioned below give a detailed idea about this.

  • Mud Tubes: This sign is one of the most common and observable. Seen growing on walls and trees, the tubes indicate that the termite nest might be nearby. Breaking them won’t solve your issue. The best step would be to contact termite control in Hermosa beach. 
  • Damage of Wood: Termites tend to leave tiny holes on the wooden surface, while eating up their way inside. By tapping on these holes, you can feel the hollow interiors. Wood dust is also commonly observed.
  • The difficulty is closing doors and windows, peeling paint from walls, noticing termite swarms around your house, all of these can suggest their presence. 

Effective treatment 

Few simple steps can be followed to prevent such infestation in the first place.

  • Never store wooden debris or piles near the house.
  • Fill leaks when found anywhere. Any cracks must be filled with cement when noticed.
  • Don’t grow trees or shrubs close to the house.
  • Check frequently for the symptoms of termite infestation.

In case the unfortunate event has already taken place, few working methods must be used against the insects.

  • Applying Borate on the Walls: Borate acts as a strong termite repellant for a long time. Before using primer and paint, spray the chemical on the walls for best results. 
  • Control Moisture: Termites love moist places for setting up their homes. In case you live in a humid area, the best tip is to use a dehumidifier. 
  • Keeping Your House Clean: This is common advice for the treatment of every kind of pest or insect. Declutter the house by getting rid of unnecessary cardboard, magazines, papers etc. 
  • Calling Pest Control: In most cases, the infestation gets way too serious when detected. Thus the safest thing to do is to call termite control services in Hermosa beach. 

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